Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Twas the Night Before Travel

It's 10:30 PM on the night before we leave for China, and as much as I'd love to create a cute "Twas the Night Before Travel" poem, that's just not gonna happen brain is way too tired to be creative.  But I did want to capture some of what this day and evening has held so that I can share it all with Jenna one day.

Today started out like any other Thursday, packing lunches for Nathan, Shelby and Andrew and scooting them all off to school.   Then I went to the gym for the last time for a  while (though for a good reason, there is still a sense of loss in this since I'm finally able to run pain free and enjoying it once again).  After leaving the gym, I ran a couple of errands and in the process, talked with a friend from Ohio who is starting the adoption process and wanted input on our agency (which I freely gave her WONDERFUL information about Lifeline)!  Next stop was to have lunch at Elm Street with Shelby and Nathan.  On the way to the school, our social worker called to check on me and pray with me.  Tears were a flowin' while I was driving.  I am so thankful for Jamie Fernandez and her heart for the Lord and His children.  I gathered my composure to enjoy time with the kids at the school and in the meantime was blessed by so many friends at the school, assuring me of their prayers for our trip.  Then is was back home to start some more laundry before getting Andrew at preschool, and once again, was blessed my more friends assuring me of their prayers. 

Andrew and I enjoyed time together this afternoon, even as I packed.  He is so precious and can't wait to have Jenna home.  In the midst of my packing, I came across my mom's passport case that she used when she worked as a flight attendant prior to the cancer returning.  I will definitely be taking this to China with me!

I was thankful by this afternoon that the large pile that has been in the corner of our bedroom was now mostly put into bags...not very organized but at least packed.  I plan to finish the rest tomorrow.

Speaking of packing, a friend at preschool that I was talking today heard me share that I was concerned about not having warm enough clothes for Jenna.  Lo and behold, a few hours later, this same friend shows up on my porch with three ADORABLE outfits for Jenna.  SO BLESSED!!!  They are already packed and I cannot wait to see Jenna in them!

Nathan and Shelby had Good News Club after school today, so I went back to the school at 4 PM to pick them up and could tell right away that Shelby wasn't feeling good.  Once home I checked her temp and sure enough, it was 100.8.  I called the doctor right away and got an appointment at 4:30 PM.  Much to my dismay, Shelby has strep throat!  My heart sank, especially concerned that Nathan and/or Andrew may get sick while I'm halfway around the world.  But thankfully we caught it BEFORE leaving for China and thankfully Shelby's doesn't feel that bad (mostly a headache).  We got a prescription for her and one for me "just in case" and then headed home.

The sad part of this evening was the fact that all five of us were going to go to Nathan's soccer scrimmage game (since we'll miss watching his last game this Saturday) and then head to the kids' favorite, Stevi B's Pizza, afterwards...our last outing as a family of five.  But instead, Jason took Nathan to soccer and dinner while I stayed home with Shelby and Andrew.  We enjoyed dinner here and cuddled watching "Garfield" before bedtime. 

Once Nathan and Jason got home, I let Nathan stay up for a while to watch some college football with me.  However, we quickly got bored with the game and turned on Billy Graham's "Message for America" about the cross of Jesus.  It was awesome...exactly what I needed to hear tonight, especially sitting and listening to it with Nathan.  He keeps saying how much he's going to miss me, which is SO VERY HARD for me to hear, so it was special that we could heart words of TRUTH together tonight.  When it was over, I prayed with him and for him before he went to bed.

So here we are now, 24 hours from when we'll be at the world's busiest airport to prepare for our travel to China to bring Jenna HOME.  My emotions are still all over the map, but I am thankful that even amidst the "unplanned" events of today, God is so faithful, so good, so gracious. 

Twas the night before travel....WOW...this is really happening!!!

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