Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 3: Adoption Day--Jenna is officially our daughter!

Today marks the day that He Tong officially became our daughter, Jenna Jean Preston.  Though her name won't change until further paperwork is completed in America, today is the day that we became the Preston Party of Six!  The pictures below were taken today at the Civil Affairs office.  Three other families with Lifeline are here for this special day in their lives, too!


Unfortunately Jenna has had a cough/runny nose/low grade temp today.  She was a lot more mellow and clingy, too...not sure if that is because she's starting to grieve or due to not feeling well.  In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed walking the halls of the hotel with her in the Ergo carrier until she fell asleep in my arms at naptime.

We ventured out in the rain late this afternoon to go to a supermarket.  That was quite an experience!  Trying to navigate a store where nothing is in English and hardly anyone speaks English is frustrating but also VERY humorous!  We bought a few snacks to have in the room, as well as some noodle meals for Jenna at lunchtime...she is a pro at eating noodles.  She also showed us this morning at breakfast that she likes pancakes.  I'm thankful that she doesn't seem to be a picky eater in the least!

Last night Jenna was very afraid of the bathtub, so today, Shelby and I both got in with her and she loved it!  I was so thankful for this to happen, since taking regular baths will be part of caring for her skin condition.  I used some special shampoo on her scalp today and thankfully, she tolerated it very well. 

One interesting thing we've discovered already today is that Jenna likes wearing her socks and shoes (in fact, she's very good at helping get herself dressed).  But whenever we'd take her socks and/or shoes off, she'd get upset and put them back on herself.  So tonight, when it was bedtime and she was quite fussy, I held her in my arms with pajamas and shoes on.  She did NOT want to be put in the crib again tonight, so I laid down in my bed with her and before long she was sound and all!

So as I watch BOTH of my daughters sleeping in this hotel room, I'm reminded of God's goodness and His grace.  It saddened my heart so very much (and even brought Shelby to tears) to hear Jenna crying today, looking so sad and scared.  I know this is normal and to be expected, but as her momma, it's hard to not know exactly what she's feeling.  I was so thankful to be able to comfort her and get her to sleep on me this afternoon and then again this evening, so I hope she's learning that she can trust me.  But more than anything, I pray she knows that her Heavenly Father can be trusted and loves her more than I ever could. 

Thank you, Father, for the amazing gift of adoption.  As I look into my new daughter's dark eyes that are afraid but show glimpses of hope and joy, I'm thankful for how You give us a new name and take away all our fears.  Please give me the wisdom and strength to love Jenna in the way she needs to be loved.  AMEN.

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  1. Late last night and early this morning, I checked for new pictures and details of all the Father is doing in the life of your family! Oh,the plans He has for you!! Each picture, each detail is a blessing for us back here in Newnan! We even showed it at our staff meeting! Our Father is so amazing and loves us so much...and has allowed us to be His sons and daughters! We constantly are lifting you all up! Love you, sweet Shelby! (Y and E) Love, Mrs. Brenda :)