Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tonight's Gonna Be a Good (Long) Night!*

I cannot believe today is really here...we are leaving for China!!!  And WOW, what a whirlwind today has been!  Thankfully Shelby is feeling much better and so far, Nathan and Andrew are feeling good, too.  Nathan had a good day at school while Shelby, Andrew and I were at home--I finished packing in between cleaning, making lists, checking them twice, playing with the kids and answering the phone and door.  HOLY COW!  We are so loved, so blessed, and so prayed for...I am so very humbled and thankful.  Several friends stopped by to bring gifts or letters to read over the next two weeks.  Family and friends from all over called and/or texted to offer words of encouragement and prayers. 

As soon as Nathan got home from school, he, Andrew and I hopped into the van to head out for a couple of errands culminating in a trip to Five Below for the boys to spend their birthday money from their Aunt Lindsay.  We had a good chat on the way home about how much I love them and will miss them while in was a sweet time together.

During our "last supper" together as a family of five, I explained to Nathan and Andrew about their special treats for each day I'm gone.  I had so much fun picking out special little gifts for them to open as a reminder of how much I love them.  Nathan's bags also have a Bible verse written down to read each day and I'll be reading the same verse each day.  And of course, a little chocolate always makes kids happy!


 After dinner, Nathan headed to the Newnan/East Coweta football game with his best buddy, McCoy Woodham.  Meanwhile, Jason and I finished packing and spent some quality time with Andrew at bedtime.  I knew saying "goodbye" to him would be hard and WAS IT EVER!!!  I read the card I'd written to him and then we read "A Sister for Matthew."  Thankfully Jason was there to read some of the pages because I was crying like a baby.  I am going to miss my little Bubbalicious SOOOO much!!!

Then I had a great time of prayer over the phone with my sister, and a lot of my tears were because I miss my mom so much.  I so long to call her and tell her all that is happening, but I'm so thankful to be able to share these feelings with Lindsay.

Nathan got home from the football game and it was just about time for us to leave for the airport.  He gave me a "I will miss you" note with tear-filled eyes, and I gave him a card that I'd gotten for him.  He cried A LOT, as did I.  Watching him stand on the front porch waving good-bye, only to rush out to the van for one more hug, nearly broke my heart.  Love that boy so much!

God is faithful and He will be with Nathan and Andrew in Newnan, as well as Jason, Shelby and I as we fly to go bring Jenna HOME!!! 

*I started writing this on the night we were leaving for the airport but due to lack of wireless connection, I could not post until today.

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