Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ready to Fly!

Driving to the International Terminal of the Atlanta airport was surreal.  Handing over our passports with visas to China was surreal.  Going through security (which thankfully was a breeze at 11:30 PM) was surreal.  Having my 7-year-old daughter along for this once-in-a-lifetime journey was surreal.  Boarding a Korean Air plane bound for Seoul with a final destination of Guangzhou, China was surreal. 

Adopting is SURREAL.  I’ve used this word several times over the past 16+ months because it truly is so hard to describe all the emotions that have taken place in my heart and mind throughout this journey.

I used to question how I could love a child that is “not my own,” and I no longer question that.  I am so in love with a child that I’ve yet to meet but will finally get to wrap my arms around her, He Tong (Jenna Jean Preston), tomorrow!   Surreal…
I used to question how I could leave my biological children for two weeks to travel halfway across the world to bring another child home, and I no longer question that.  While it was VERY hard to leave Nathan and Andrew, I am confident that the Lord is with them and He will watch over them while I am with their sisters…and I cannot wait for the blessed reunion in two weeks when they can finally meet Jenna face-to-face!  Surreal…

There will be many more surreal moments over the next two weeks while in China and certainly more once we bring Jenna HOME.  But there is nothing more surreal than the God of this beautiful universe adopting us as His children.  TOTALLY surreal!

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