Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 1: "Momma, we are in CHINA!"

"Momma, we are in CHINA!" were Shelby's words, full of enthusiasm, as we landed in Guangzhou at 11:45 AM local time today.  We gave each other a high five as we sat on the plane for the final moments before setting foot in Jenna's homeland. 

Miko, our sweet guide with Lifeline, greeted us and the two other Lifeline families (Trinh's and Rowley's) after we got through Immigration (which was super easy, thankfully).  We boarded a bus headed towards our home for the next two weeks, The Garden Hotel, which is in the heart of Guangzhou--a HUGE city.

Once we got checked in and exchanged some American money for Chinese money, we got settled into our room.  One interesting thing about this luxury hotel is that there are no dresser drawers!  There is a king-sized bed, a rollaway bed, and this adorable little crib is for Jenna (I brought the ladybug blanket for her, a special gift for a special friend!)  It's so hard to believe that she'll in this room with us tomorrow!!!

After we got unpacked, Jason and I took turns going for a run in the city.  A beautiful park is located about a mile down the road, and it was filled with people enjoying their Sunday afternoon.  There were men playing a game that looked like checkers, children playing badminton, and lots of people walking around the park that was filled with historic statues.  I thoroughly enjoyed my run (even though I was literally running on fumes because of jet lag), trying to take in all the sights. 

When I got back from my run, Shelby and Jason were sound asleep and once I showered, I was fast asleep, as well.  We are all SUPER tired from the long flights with little sleep.  It was hard to get moving at dinnertime, but we rallied and walked in the rain to a nearby McDonald's...absolutely not my choice but because we're all so tired, I didn't argue.

After a quick stop at 7/11 to get some Coke and Coke Zero (there is NO Diet Coke here so I'm going to give Zero a try...I'll need some caffeine this week for sure!!!), as well as a little snack for Jenna to have at "Gotcha Day" tomorrow, we walked back to the hotel for an early bedtime to hopefully get some good rest before tomorrow's BIG DAY!

My heart is so full of emotion once again tonight.  It's still hard to believe we are really in China and that tomorrow my faith will become sight when I see Jenna for the first time!!!  My momma heart is nervous and sad for her and all the loss she is going to experience, but I continue to pray and trust God to prepare her little heart for us as much as possible.  My momma heart is also missing Nathan and Andrew...I was so glad to hear their voices while we were in Seoul waiting to board the plane to Guangzhou.  I pray their hearts will be filled with joy when they see pictures of their little sister on the computer tomorrow. 

Yes...we are most definitely in China and so excited to be here. 

Jenna, it's almost time sweet girl...your mommy loves you and cannot wait to finally have you in my arms!!!


  1. keep the post coming. i am loving it. brings me such joy to see GZ. the sisler's left a big piece of our hearts in china. you will understand that when you get on the plane for home. leaving jenna's home land. surreal.

  2. Praying for all of you!!! Heard a testimony tonight about a girl who was adopted from the Ukraine, it was a baptism video, she thanked God for saving her twice. Rescuing her from the orphanage and rescuing her into His arms for eternity. Made me think of you and Jenna. You are on mission for the Kingdom of GOD! Eternity will forever be changed because of your obedience and faith. CAN"T WAIT TO MEET HER!! Love you so!

  3. I'm thrilled to read your blogs. I am so excited, that I think my heart is jumping" a little bit, too. ~~ You are really there......after all the many long months of waiting. ~ God Bless each of you tomorrow as you meet Jenna. May God put a "love" in her heart when she sees all three of you for the first time. ---- Barb H.