Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Monday, September 16, 2013

The God of New Beginnings

Last night at Passion City Church, Pastor Louie Giglio shared an awesome message in his series, The Comeback.  Speaking from Genesis and the story of Joseph, Louie shared the following words:
“If you’re breathing, God is not finished with your story yet…God has a huge dream for your
life and it cannot be derailed by circumstances."
Louie went on to say that Jesus knows how it feels to be abandoned and left alone, and that is why He is THE God of new beginnings...He brings life from death!  So as I sat here listening to this powerful message of hope and redemption, I couldn't help but think about the millions of orphans around the world, including my sweet daughter thousands of miles away in China.  She was abandoned and left alone, horrible circumstances...but PRAISE GOD she was found and He has a plan for her life!  
Jenna has lived the first 2 1/2 years of her life in an orphanage, and I am so very thankful for her caregivers and look forward to meeting them in a couple of months.  But I am so ready for Jenna's "new beginning" to be in our family, where she will experience for the first time the unconditional love of a mother and father, brothers and a sister.  And prayerfully, one day, she will receive the unconditional love of her Heavenly Father who has always been with her and loves her more than we will ever be able to.
With regards to our process to bring Jenna home, we are waiting right now for our Article 5 to be finalized, which is the paperwork necessary for Jenna's visa to leave China and come to America.  Once that is finalized, hopefully within the next week, we will begin the wait for Travel Approval (TA) and then begin making plans to fly to China, hopefully the first week of November!
Today we got a surprise e-mail with a current picture of Jenna, as well as her physical measurements.  I'm hoping to get some questions answered about her eating and sleeping habits, personality, toys she likes, etc., but there's no telling if those questions will be answered, so getting a new picture today is good with me! 

As her mom, I'm obviously wanting to see a smile on Jenna's sweet face, and hopefully that will come while we're with her in China.  I'm also concerned that her hair doesn't seem to be growing, but hopefully that will improve with time and once we start taking better care of her skin.  But regardless of these things, I'm so thankful that the Lord is giving us the opportunity to be Jenna's forever family...a "new beginning" for us all.  Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness! won't be long now...your mommy is coming soon and I cannot wait to have you in my arms!!!  I love you, sweet girl!

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