Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Friday, September 6, 2013


"Momma, we're getting these approvals left and right!"  These were Nathan's words yesterday afternoon after we got more good news.  Two days ago, we got an e-mail with our new case number for the Embassy in Guangzhou, China, where our adoption will be finalized.  Then yesterday, we got another e-mail stating that our case had been cabled to the Embassy.  Believe me, all of this is VERY confusing!  But these "approvals" are all important and necessary for us to bring Jenna home from China.
Speaking of bringing Jenna home, it has been a LONG and DIFFICULT process to determine who would go with me to China for this monumental event in the life of our family.  After A LOT of prayer and discussion with professionals at Lifeline, our amazing adoption agency, as well as other families who have gone before us in this journey, we have decided that I will go for the entire two week trip, Jason will go for the first week, and Shelby will be with me for the full two weeks.  I am SO VERY EXCITED that Shelby will get to experience this amazing journey with me and her little sister! 
I was hoping for all five of us to go, but hopefully all six of us will go to China one day so Jenna can see her homeland.  Yet for this adoption trip, God has led us to make this decision...though it was not an easy one to make.  It is breaking my heart to leave Nathan and Andrew behind.  Nathan was in tears when I told him that Shelby was going to go, so I pray the Lord will comfort him and help him understand our decision.  I know he and Andrew will have a lot of fun here together, but, MY-OH-MY, I am going to miss them!!!
So last night after soccer practice, I got to tell Shelby this most exciting news.  My heart was pounding as I held my camera to capture her on video...a moment I know we'll both never forget!
 Here is a picture of the letter I gave to Shelby to tell her this great news...
And here we are, proudly holding our U.S. Passports with Chinese Visas in them!!! won't be long until you're in my arms.  And your big sister is THRILLED to have the opportunity to get to travel to China, too.  Your big brothers will be anxiously waiting for the moment they get to see you at the Atlanta airport when you are finally HOME!!!

Lord...thank You for your faithfulness.  AMEN!

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