Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A little glimpse of Jenna

Yesterday morning when I checked my e-mail, my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing...a long-awaited e-mail from Andrea Sisler, my dear friend from Lifeline, that contained answers to questions about our precious Jenna!  I had submitted these questions when we got LOA back on August 6th and now, almost 7 weeks later, I had the answers...
a little glimpse of Jenna.

Jenna is shy but happy most of the time.  She will be very attached to us and want us to hold her and play with her.  She especially likes the stuffed animal that she sleeps with.  She likes to help other children, but fights for toys sometimes, too.  She is close to all the nannies that care for her and can call her friends by name.  Jenna likes to go to bed earlier and get up earlier, usually before 7:00 AM.  She takes a nap after lunch and she sleeps in her own crib in a room with two other children, not liking to be left alone in the room.  Although Jenna is usually pretty happy, when she does get upset, you need to hold her and give her snack for comfort.  Jenna still wears diapers but can feed herself with a spoon.  She likes to eat rice, bread, fruit and milk but does not like spicy food.

I was thrilled to read every word of this e-mail!!!  And I truly laughed out loud when I read that she doesn't like spicy food...THAT IS MY DAUGHTER (the blander the better, in my opinion!)  I had a strong feeling that she was shy, too, since she's not smiling and seems very timid in every single picture we've ever seen.  I am thrilled to hear she wants to be held when upset, and I cannot wait for that moment when I get to be the one holding and comforting her.  I love that she's mostly happy but also has some assertiveness to fight for what she wants!  I'm so thankful that we got bunk beds for she and Shelby to have since it turns out she doesn't like to be alone in her room.

This little glimpse of my daughter was also evidence of God's faithfulness.  He knew this week would be hard for me since the one year anniversary of my mom's death is in a few days.  So to wake up to this good news was just one little way of Him showing His amazing love for me, love that I'll never fully understand!

I e-mailed Andrea back to say THANK YOU, and I proceeded to ask her if at all possible could we find out if the caregivers have been shaving and/or cutting Jenna's hair.  We've been told that with the genetic skin condition she has, her hair may not grow "normally."  And every picture we've seen of her shows different looking hair.  Andrea said she'd be happy to ask.

Well this morning, I woke to another e-mail from Andrea stating "They have cut Jenna's hair."  These five words were MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!!!  To know that our precious girl's hair is growing enough to be cut (in order to prevent lice in the orphanage) is AWESOME!!!!!  As much as I want to see her hair growing out, it still makes me thrilled to know it is in fact growing and at a rate that it needs to be cut.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

I also got an e-mail this morning stating that our Article 5 paperwork has been completed, which means we are officially now waiting for our TA (Travel Approval)!!!!!  So hopefully in a couple of weeks, we'll get our TA and be able to apply for a CA (Consulate Appointment).  Once we apply for CA, we can book flights and truly begin packing to head to China!!!  We're still aiming to leave the first week of November, which isn't too far away.  My head is spinning at all that needs to happen before that day comes, but GOD IS GOOD and in HIS perfect timing, it will all work out. 

Lord, thank You for your faithfulness.  My heart is heavy this week as I miss my mom so VERY much, but knowing she is healed and whole with you helps my heartache.  And then you prove yourself faithful again by blessing us with the GOOD news about Jenna.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  AMEN.


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