Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Anticipation Builds

Dear Jenna,

It's late on May 1st and you turned 27 months today!  As I look at the picture of you on our family room wall and on my phone, I can only imagine what you're doing, how you're feeling, and if you're being well cared for.  I cannot wait to have you in my arms and hold you...hopefully soon after you turn 30 months that will happen.  I'm trying to trust the Lord each day, and I know you're worth the wait! 

Today is also significant because a precious family who is also adopting with Lifeline is headed to China today to meet their two children, and packed in their suitcases is a care package for YOU and your nannies!  It's still hard for me to believe that we have the opportunity to give you things, and it thrills me to no end knowing that hopefully in a matter of days you will have the family photo album that your big sister and I put together for you.  I cannot even imagine what your little mind will be thinking when you see pictures of us, for we are complete strangers to you and you have no idea that we are so excited to have you in our family!  So my prayer tonight is that your heart will be joyful when you see these pictures of us staring back at you...I pray that you will enjoy the toys, clothes, socks, and lovey I sent you...I pray that your nannies will enjoy their jewelry and lotion as a small token of our appreciation of their care for you...and I pray that your nannies will lovingly and gently rub your skin with the lotions we sent for you.  More than anything, though, I pray the Lord is preparing your heart, mind, and spirit to be in our family.  The closer we get to having you in our arms, the more I realize what a HUGE transition this will be for you, so I continue to entrust your tender heart and spirit to the Lord.  I pray that your daddy and I will know how to love you in the ways you need us to love you.  I pray that your big brothers and big sister will shower you with much love and laughter.  And I do I pray that you will be with us SOON!

Love always,

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