Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over

My heart is overflowing today.  It has been one month since we first saw our daughter's face staring back at us from a computer screen.  I wondered for months if I would "know" in my heart once we got a referral if that particular child was to be our daughter, and I can honestly say that I know with all my heart He Tong is our Jenna.  The Lord worked in a mighty way one month ago and He is still at work!

Although it is still surreal to me how all of this happens, I must say I can see the Lord working in and through all the details of the adoption process even when so much of it is beyond my understanding.  For example, yesterday I met another family with our adoption agency who is leaving for China on May 1st to bring their two children HOME!  They are an amazing family and are willing to take a care package over to China for our daughter.  It blows me away to think that items I purchased here in Newnan, Georgia will be flown over to China and handed to someone with our agency who will then deliver the items to Jenna's orphanage.  AMAZING!!! 

I filled three ziploc bags full of items for Jenna and her nannies.  Items for Jenna included lotions that I hope and pray the nannies will apply to her skin; a stacking cup toy (I hear all the children in China LOVE stacking cups!); a lovey to sleep with; a pair of Panda Bear pajamas; a shirt and shorts outfit; socks, and a photo album filled with pictures of our family with Chinese words stating who is in each picture.  For the nannies I sent some jewelry, lotion, a letter that a friend translated from English to Chinese, and two Kodak disposable cameras for them to take pictures of He Tong and return to our adoption agency liaison with the hope that the cameras are returned to us with new pictures of our daughter!  As I handed these items over to the family leaving in a week, I felt thankful and sad...thankful that hopefully soon our daughter will see pictures of her new family in the photo album, but I also felt sad that I can't have my daughter in my arms and see her face-to-face yet.  Waiting so long to be with someone you love is hard...yet I must cling to the Lord and trust His perfect timing for uniting us with our Jenna!

Lord Jesus, I pray for this precious family traveling to China in one week to bring two more precious children into their home.  I pray that the items for Jenna and her nannies are delivered to her and well received.  I pray that the lotions will help Jenna's skin and that we will get new pictures of our precious daughter!  Although this all seems surreal to me, Lord, you are able to do more than I could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20), so I trust YOU with all these details.  AMEN! 

After I delivered the care package for Jenna into the hands of this wonderful family, I delivered a meal to another AMAZING family who just adopted their newborn daughter.  It was such a joy to see this precious baby girl in the loving arms of her mom, and yet as we talked about the situation with the baby's birth mother, our hearts broke considering the hard decision she made to give up her baby for adoption. 

Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing this baby girl into a loving, Christian family.  I pray for her birth mother today, that she will feel Your love and know that she made the right decision in choosing LIFE for her precious daughter.  AMEN!

Finally, today my cup runneth over as I reflect on how God has adopted me as His daughter.  He chose to give me life and calls me His child.  Talk about AMAZING!!!  I pray that one day soon I will be able to share this TRUTH with Jenna and that she will embrace the unconditional love of the One who created her and loves her in even greater ways than her momma does!

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