Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Monday, April 8, 2013

Faith becomes sight: Our daughter, Jenna Jean Preston

With MUCH joy and thanksgiving, we are excited to finally get to share our daughter's picture!

This is Jenna Jean Preston and she is 26-months-old.  Her Chinese name is He Tong and she is currently living in an orphanage in the Yuancheng District of Heyuan City in Guangdong Province, China.  Jenna was born with a genetic skin condition that will require medical treatment, as well as ear deformities but thankfully these do not affect her hearing.  We hope to travel to China in August or September to bring her home!!!

This picture was Jenna's referral picture that we saw late at night on March 25, 2013. 
I cried tears of joy as soon as I looked into the eyes of who I hoped would become my daughter. 
We don't know when this picture was taken but it was taken at an earlier date
than the one above of her face which is more current.

While there are still MANY unknowns and lots of things beyond our control with paperwork and legal processes that need to take place over the coming months, I have been reminded once again these past two weeks since we first saw Jenna's sweet face that GOD IS IN CONTROL and GOD IS GOOD!!!  I don't know what the future holds, but I know WHO holds the future.  And while I cannot yet be with my daughter to comfort and care for her, I know the Lord is with her and will bring her to us in His perfect timing. 

Yesterday after we shared the news about Jenna with our Sunday School class, a few couples surrounded Jason and I to pray for Jenna and our family as we prepare to become a family of six.  I wept uncontrollably as these precious friends lifted our daughter up to the Lord...a sweet little girl that is still thousands of miles away yet loved by so many already.  I will never forget this moment!

As we finish preparations for our adoption fundraiser, RACE for the Orphans (Raising Awarenss, Compassion, and Education), that takes place in 5 days, my prayer is that the Lord will be glorified and that hearts will be changed forever as people become more aware of the needs of orphans around the world.  One sweet little girl in China will soon have a forever family, but there are MILLIONS more orphans in need of love!  Won't you open your heart and home to one?

Speaking of the many unknowns...I'm thankful to have one BIG question mark removed!


becomes sight!

Jenna, we love you and can't wait to have you HOME!

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  1. Yeah!! So happy for you! Congratulations on a beautiful little girl. Lord bless Jenna and watch over her let her know your love and peace until her mommy and daddy have her in their arms bringing her HOME!