Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tarzan and Adoption

Tonight while reading Disney's Tarzan to Andrew before bedtime, a few sentences in this classic book caught my attention like never before. 

When the gorilla Kala finds the abandoned baby boy, the book says, "The baby needed her, and she needed him."  Later in the story, Tarzan (given that name by his adoptive mother, Kala) asks his mother, "Why am I different [from gorillas]?"  Kala replied, "You're not different."  She put Tarzan's hand to his heart, and his ear to her chest.  Tarzan felt their hearts beat together.  "See?"  Kala said, smiling.  "Exactly the same." 

By no means do I believe that gorillas and humans are "exactly the same."  My Heavenly Father created animals and humans very differently, and I have a relationship with Him unlike any animal could ever have.  However, what struck me when reading this book tonight was the fact that our daughter in China is going to look "different" from her family throughout her life, and there will more than likely be times when she even feels very "different."  But just as Kala knew the baby boy needed her and she needed him, we feel the same way about He Tong...she needs a forever family and we need her in our family. 

I've been asked "why adopt when you have such a great family already?"  My heart breaks for people that have this mindset because they miss the essence of adoption.  God adopts each of us into His family because He longs to be in relationship with is His CHOICE.  In like manner, we are CHOOSING to adopt He Tong into our family (that is by no means perfect!) to love her, nurture her, teach her, and share the love of Jesus with her because of what the Lord has done for us! 

I know that Kala didn't bring Tarzan into her family of gorillas for these reasons, but it is amazing how a children's story can shed light on the spirit of adoption that beats so strongly in my heart...and God's heart!

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