Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learning Love (One month since "Gotcha Day")

A friend of mine recently made the comment to me that Jenna is learning love.

And since Jenna is learning love, she is learning about God because He IS love (I John 4:8). the heart of a little girl.

That is exactly what I've witnessed since our "Gotcha Day" in Guangzhou, China one month ago.

I'll never forget the fear in Jenna's eyes when we first "got" her.  I'll never forget trying to calm her down with a lollipop that she held in her little mouth so tightly I thought she'd choke on it.  I'll never forget trying to calm her fears with a bottle of cool water (it was SO hot in the Chinese civil affairs office).  I'll never forget seeing the first hint of a smile while playing with a  light-up-toy and peek-a-boo.  And I'll never forget seeing her first big smile while playing with bubbles.

And the smiles have not stopped.  They have grown with each new day.  There have been giggles and belly-busting laughter.  And not only smiles and laughter but lots of hugs, kisses, and cuddling.  Jenna is bonding and attaching so well with us, even now with her daddy! 

As I think back over this past month, I feel like I've witnessed a miracle unfold before my very own eyes.  It's really hard to describe all that has taken place because it's been supernatural.  But that's exactly what God's love is, so why should I expect anything less?!

Jenna has truly become part of our family.  I cannot imagine life without her and I don't want to think about her life without us.   But the truth of the matter is that there was over 2 1/2 years of life without a family to show Jenna family to show her God.  I have sometimes wondered if Jenna had been adopted by another family if she would be adapting this well, and in my heart of hearts, I hear a resounding "NO."  She is with our family because it is her family, the family God ordained for her to be with.

Today, one month after "Gotcha Day," was much like any other day at, doctor appointment (more bloodwork for Jenna...she is so tough!), homework, and playtime.  But throughout the day, I took pictures that would capture the essence of this special day.  

Jenna still likes eggs more than anything else for breakfast.

Enjoying a new American toy...the remote control!

Jenna loves to color, much like her older sister!

Jenna and I made this craft today, just like her older brothers and sisters have made in years past at preschool with "Miss" Angie (she was nice enough to send materials home for Jenna to make one).

 Now the set is complete!
Pals playing with the Polar Express train.

 Homework time!
 Jenna's activity of choice during homework time.
A girl after my heart...she loves chomping on baby carrots!
Fun playing on the trampoline!

 I LOVE this picture...four amazing blessings!
 Sisters hand-in-hand enjoying the beautiful day.
 Jenna is on the move with a HUGE smile!
 PRECIOUS children!
 Shelby took this picture of Jenna and I with the house in the background...she did a great job!

My greatest prayer throughout our adoption journey was that our hearts would be prepared for Jenna and that her heart would be prepared for us and I can honestly say that prayer has been answered!

Helen Keller once said, "The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."  Love is definitely the best and most beautiful thing, and I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to watch Jenna learning love.


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