Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Friday, March 28, 2014

Little Did She Know

March 25, 2013 was a moment in time that forever changed my heart as a mom.  But it was the next 48 hours that would change our life as a family...forever. 

Once our adoption agency shared He Tong's file with us on that memorable March night last year, we had a mere 48 hours to decide if we wanted her as our daughter.  Those 48 hours were filled with pressure, prayer, and ultimately peace. 

Pressure to talk with doctors about He Tong's medical condition and understand what her needs would be once home.

Prayer to our Heavenly Father for wisdom to know His will for our family.

Peace knowing God was with us and desired this precious little girl to be in our family...forever.

On the night of March 27, 2013, we submitted our Letter of Intent (LOI) to Lifeline, stating that we wanted to adopt He Tong...another moment in time I'll never forget.

But little did she know that a family thousands of miles away wanted her and trusted God for her.

Did we have all the answers about He Tong's medical condition?  NO.

Did we have all the answers about He Tong's family history? NO.

Did we have all the answers about He Tong's care in the orphanage?  NO.

Did we trust God with all of these unknowns?  YES!!!

We could not lean on our own understanding.  We had to choose to TRUST.

And here we are, March 27, 2014, one year later with one happy girl!

Has it been easy to trust?  NO.
Is she worth it? YES!!!

God, there are so many unknowns in many unknowns with adoption.  Thank you for being faithful, for showering us with grace and peace amidst the unknowns.  AMEN.

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