Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Monday, March 25, 2013

On Pins and Needles

Tonight the new "shared list" of special needs children available for adoption from China comes out and to say I'm on pins and needles is an understatement!  Now that we are LID and officially "approved" by China to adopt, this is the first time we've been ready to be matched with a child.  I am trying SO HARD to not get my hopes up, for it could take several more months for us to be matched with our daughter.  But if I'm honest, my hopes ARE up because I am SOOOOO ready to see Jenna's face!  Thankfully we have a busy night of baseball and T-ball for Nathan and Andrew, but I will more than likely not sleep much tonight, anticipating "the call" from Andrea with our agency. 

Lord Jesus, please calm my anxious heart.  As much as I long to know who Jenna is, I know that You are with her and have her in the palm of Your loving hands.  I so badly want to have her here with us, but I know You will bring us to that point in Your perfect timing.  Please give Jason and I wisdom and unity whenever we do get a referral, and help us both to "know" and have peace in our hearts that she is our daughter!  Please be with Jenna's caretakers--give them strength and mercy to care for her and all the other children in need of forever families.  Please be with the new President of China--awaken his heart to Your Truth and Your love.  Help me to keep my eyes on You, Jesus, as this journey continues!  It is hard, emotional, and yet amazing.  AMEN.

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