Preston Party of Six

Preston Party of Six

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Paper Pregnancy

Several of you have asked me where we're at in the long process of international adoption and the answer to that isn't simple.  Several adoption resources refer to the process of getting a son or daughter through adoption as a "paper pregnancy" because there is SO MUCH paperwork that is required...from the beginning application to numerous fingerprintings to writing your life story for the home study to preparing your dossier (a collection of personal documents sent to the foreign country).  Our home study is in the final phases of being completed by our amazing social worker, and last week I mailed all but one of our dossier documents to our adoption agency...the final one will hopefully be completed soon, but it is one that I have no control over the timing of its submission since it is a governmental immigration document. 

So that's my answer to the question of where we're at in the process of adoption...quite a mouthful!

But the key words in that answer are "I have no control."  In essence, that is what I'm learning more and more in this journey and it's NOT an easy lesson to learn, but one that the Lord is constantly trying to teach me because I like to be in control...I like to be organized (as much as possible with three kiddos in the house)...I like to know the plan and if something goes astray from that plan, I feel stressed...I want to know the answers to my questions and feel out of control if I don't have those answers...I have a hard time trusting others to do what I feel capable of doing and I feel anxious if it doesn't get done the way I feel it should get done. 

Can anyone else relate?

I hope I'm not alone! 

But I do know there is good news...GOD IS IN CONTROL!  I believe this with all of my heart, and as much as I often try to yank that control from Him, He lovingly directs me back to the truth that He is in control and He has a perfect plan.  I may not always see that perfect plan, nor will I always "feel" as if He's in control, but I KNOW HE IS BECAUSE I TRUST HIM AND I TRUST HIS WORD!

In Psalm 32:8, the Lord says, "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you with my loving eye on you."
Just what I need to hear EVERY DAY!!!

So as we continue on this journey to our daughter in China--through the myriad of documents, appointments, and WAITING--I am reminded each day that life this side of heaven will be filled with ups-and-downs and yet through them all, God is love, God is good, and God is in control!

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